The BIONADE brand was created by a team of experts whose principle is to respect, defend and communicate essential values such as respect for the environment, sustainable development and fair trade.

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Our mission is to create cosmetic treatments that are effective, pleasant and certified organic. All our formulas are  developed by our Laboratory and the result of a long research work, both on the ingredients, the texture, and the fragrance.

Natural ingredients  and certified organic to respect our body and our health. None of our ingredients are derived from or tested on animals.

By taking care of their skin, we want to help women reveal their deep beauty. To offer them the best and sublimate their epidermis, we have imagined a range of treatments with healthy, effective and gentle formulations to apply.

This is one of our greatest prides, all our products are designed in Tunisia. We have worked with local know-how to develop each of our formulations.

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Bionade was born from dreams and convictions. When we started our research, we wanted to create high-performance organic beauty products that were pleasant to apply, without neglecting respect for nature, growers and all living beings.

It is through many years of research and training, both in cosmetology and aromatherapy, as well as by surrounding itself with laboratory experts, that Bionade has managed to create the perfect balance.

Our formulas are perfectly adapted to each type of skin, without resorting to the harmful ingredients that are still found today, all too often, in cosmetics and body care products.

Today, we are proud to offer three complete lines, each product of which is formulated with organic oil and certified organic and therapeutic flower and plant essences.

Creating high-quality cosmetic products requires much more than a simple blend of quality ingredients. It is also about to be interested in the interactions between the molecules of the extracts of plants and their interactions with the skin.

For several years, Bionade Laboratories have been custodians of exceptional know-how to offer your face and body certified organic cosmetics, beauty products made from 100% natural ingredients. Available in your spa or beauty salon, Bionade Active Bio-Cosmetic treatments reveal your original and natural beauty.




Ivory Coast Sales Director

Affeylet Paule Léa KOUAME

Sales Director Tunisia


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